But, Why?

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing. ~ Socrates

This quote from Socrates always cracks me up. We think we know, but in actuality we have no real understanding of what is going on around us. We read and study to gain knowledge. We get degrees to become experts in a particular field. We ask questions so we can understand. We practice until things become second nature. We live in a world where knowledge is power but wisdom, how to rightfully apply that knowledge, seems to be a dying art.

textgram_1554845891However, although we try really hard, there are some things that our minds just can’t comprehend. We can’t explain why in a storm one house is completely destroyed and another goes un untouched. There’s no rhyme or reason why in an car accident the car is totaled but everyone inside doesn’t have a scratch.

Some things defy the laws of physics and blow away logical explanations. Leaving us standing around scratching our heads and wondering how in the world did that happen.

News Flash: some things just aren’t explainable with the understanding that we mere humans have! We think our understanding of things is the only understanding. Sorry humans, there’s a greater understanding…. God’s understanding!

Some things just don’t make sense, period. We have limited views of the things around us, let alone the world. We can’t predict the future, and the way we’re currently living, the present is passing us by. So what understanding do we actually have? Understanding designed and created by ourselves?

Solomon says in Proverbs 3:5, “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.” We don’t know what’s best despite our efforts. We can’t explain why certain things happen and why others don’t. The Lord says to trust in Him with all thine heart, not trust with all thine understanding. Trusting God with all your heart means simply to have faith. That’s it. We can’t fully comprehend the things of God and He knows that. That is why He instructs us to do one simple thing: Have Faith! God is fully in control. He knows what He’s doing.

Be obedient and trust in Him!

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