Let Go of the Stuff

Darlin’, let me tell you, God doesn’t care about your “stuff”! At least not in the manner that you do when guilt and shame has overtaken you. His true concerns are not that you aren’t doing right; however you define it. That your finances aren’t right. That your children aren’t perfect. That you don’t have the right clothes. That you’ve done drugs. That you cheated on your spouse. That you burned through your retirement. That you betrayed a friend. That you left your family. That you stole. I can go on and on. He’s not concerned specifically of these things that keep you from having a relationship with Him.

Let me be clearer…. God doesn’t put the same weight on your stuff as you do! He is completely aware of your human side. He knows that you’ll make bad decisions, act out in anger, or put others and things above Him. He has complete understanding of the fleshly things that you struggle with. Don’t forget, He too was human.

What God wants is you! ALL of you! He wants your whole heart. He wants to be in relationship with you. There’s nothing you can hide from Him; He already knows everything about you, even before you were born. Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you… (Jeremiah 1:5) So stop running!

He’s not expecting perfection out of you. That’s where we get it twisted. You can’t be your best self without Him. Stay connected to Him. It’s through your struggles, your weaknesses, your “stuff” that God makes you better…

… for my power is perfected in weakness….

2 Corinthians 12:9

It is only through His strength, His power, His mercy, and His grace can you be what He’s designed you to be. You are only made perfect through Him as you strive to become more like Him. Being made perfect is only possible because of Christ’s sacrifice for you!

For by one sacrifice he has made perfect forever those who are being made holy.

Hebrews 10:14

So get over yourself! Stop making excuses! Your “stuff” is not that bad. It’s the trick of the enemy to make you feel as though what you’ve said or done is too much for God to forgive. Moses was a murderer. Noah was a drunkard. David had a woman’s husband killed so he could be with her. Paul killed Christians for a living. I could go on and on about the imperfect people in the Bible and their “stuff”. God forgave them, continued to love them, and still used them to do mighty things. And He will use you if only you will let Him.

Cast you cares, fears, and wrongdoings upon Him!

Confess, repent, and move on!!!

1 thought on “Let Go of the Stuff”

  1. Such an encouraging word for those who struggle with guilt and shame. You have release them and placed the focused upon the one who paid the ultimate sacrifice for every struggle…every flaw…every sin we may commit. Thank you for reminding us to confess, repent & move on!

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